I had a sudden burst of creativity right as 2012 was coming to an end

Here were my two end-of-the-year projects:

(I have been on a whimsical rainbow kick as of late)

I finally came to the realization that I love ALL colors, they can all be my favorite.  I love the bright vibrance multiple colors bring into a space.

*Enter my thrift store white plates along with a large button collection

I got out my hot glue gun and got busy

I did the multi colored plate first then realized I liked the “one color group” per plate look better


here they are all finished!


ikeaframe6THEN I had my old Ikea frame that I have owned for seriously four years and never have known what do do with.  Finally, I went a little crazy…


ikeaframe7After….in the kids room

chalk board paint with acrylic colorful words of one of our favorite bedtime songs

ikea frameMaybe it was the Art Easel the kids got for Christmas that started me down this slippery (yet colorful) slope???

ikeaframe2heck, I even have on rainbow PJs!



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