Sorry for the blog dormancy, I have had something big brewing and honestly have been focusing all of my time and efforts on preparing for a fast trip back to Illinois!  (And NOT blowing the surprise)

Dorian and I each flew in and surprised mom for her 60th bday.  Sorry mom, hope you don’t mind me divulging your age 🙂  However, you are one HOT 60 year old!  Dad was the mastermind and I am sure planning/orchestrating this all took a few years off of his life, jk.

We made Valentine reservations at Biaggis and surprised mom in the parking lot.  What a very special night.  It was so wonderful to have the old family back together, and without constant kid interruptions.  (A big thank you to my husband who took a day off of work and, despite his horrible cold and laryngitis, watched the kids, without complaint, for four days.)

Oh, and we were NOT drunk, I think the flash caught us all off guard, haha.


*Just a moment to brag on my brother, he was inducted into the Riverdale hall of fame last week, quite and honor.  We are ALL so proud of you Dorian.  He had some of his paraphernalia out and I tried on some of his championship rings.

surprise2We crammed in as much as we could in those short days; good friends came over for quick visits.  We also had a big family dinner with the Davis’s and OF COURSE I didn’t take any pictures of that.

lunch with the Johnsons

surprise3and BECKY!!!!!!!!!

surprise4We spent most of our time relaxing and talking around the fireplace, while Franco napped


And you better believe we squeezed in a trip to TARGET and lunch at Chick-fil-a!

What a wonderful, quick trip.

My love tank is overflowing with gratitude for such a wonderful family.



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