I was pretty much burnt out with painting after we bought the house and I literally had two days to paint every wall.  Needless to say, it has taken a while to get the DIY energy back up.  However, a few days ago I decided I could no longer stand the look of the “mud room”.  It was the only room I hadn’t painted because, well, its the mudroom.  But suddenly I couldnt stand the yellow walls and I decided our shoe bench needed a face lift as well.  (It was brown and cream before) So I lightened the green I used in the kitchen for the mudroom walls and I painted the bench with yellow and white stripes and coral on the inside (the color of our bathroom).  Now the room has a lighter beachy feel.

wet paint1 wetpaint2

It is important for you to know that I rarely buy paint for these little projects.  I mix colors, lighten colors, darken colors, etc.  I challenge myself to make my existing paint colors work together to get the general look I am wanting.  (And also, I am lazy and want it done NOW!)

project #2

Here is a dresser Phillip picked up several weeks back


I finally got around to painting it today

Here she is all gussied up


And distressed of course 🙂


Callum likes it

wetpaint5Well there you have it!  The fruits of my whole weekend’s efforts as well as Monday and Tuesday.  I think I will take a few days off now!


3 thoughts on “Wet Paint!

  1. Hi! I seriously love looking at all the projects you do. You are good! I have a question for you – where did you get the sign above the dresser? Thanks! Tell Philip we say hello.

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