I know I have posted about this before.

The Homestead is one of the transition facilities Dragonfly uses to house students as well as for therapy.  The students take care of the animals and have various other homestead related tasks.  It’s pretty cool.

We like to go and visit the animals from time to time and today we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were several new additions.  A horse, 3 pigs, and some baby turkeys.  It’s like a petting zoo out there now.  The kids, and Ada, were in heaven.  I have so many “new favorite” shots from today.

Here was our Saturday at the homestead.

Meet the new additions:



friendly horse


baby turkeys
We walked all around the pond, it took us a while….


Hazel found her first cattail, although Phillip told her it was a corn dog and she nearly ate it.

homestead13This horse was seriously so friendly.  It gave everyone kisses, including Ada.


Hazel says Santa will be bringing her a horse for Christmas

homestead15The scenery



Oregon is really a special place



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