Mom is in town!!!!!

For our first day we met some friends in Ashland (an adorable touristy town about an hour and a half away)

Lithia Park, Mooma and the kids playing chase


I thought the day was a bust as soon as we got there and the park we planned on picnicking at didn’t allow dogs!!!!!!

Ada and I being annoyed at the signs…..

ashland5It actually worked out awesome though because Phillip and the Dragonfly gang were on their way back and they stopped and grabbed Ada so we could enjoy our time in Ashland!  Then I could actually enter the park instead of taking pictures from across the street like a creeper.

ashand4Hazel loved this weblike structure, she spent nearly all of her park time here

ashland7 ashland2

picnic time!


here we are on the bridge


We were able to stop at a couple cute shops and then it was ice cream time just before we headed out of town.

ashland9Now Dorian is in town so we are enjoying our time together


while Phillip is doing this today.


he is funny.

It’s a huge stump, and he is actually using a chainsaw for most of the work

lets just hope this doesn’t end in lots of bloodshed


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