In craft related news:

My cricut has been hard at work thanks to some dark brown vinyl my mother in law and I found at Fred Meyer on Black Friday clearance (random)

I have been putting vinyl on everything…..

Here are some examples of where YOU could put vinyl

vinyl on a plate

vinyl1vinyl on canvas


vinyl2vinyl on an old milk jug


you get the picture

I am obsessed

and i cut out an extra bird for whoever wants it, just comment below

also, here is my new invention……….

dish drainer turned into book holder (or magazine rack)

(it came with the house and it was brand new and  I couldn’t throw it away)so it’s been repurposed!

vinyl4so obviously I think I am pretty smart

And then today I decided to hand stitch a cover for this stool we got off of Craig’s List years ago


vinyl7I found some old ikea fabric from long ago and got busy


I think I need to paint the legs, what do you think?


vinyl9Also I donated my craft table to the kids since they use it more anyway

we lowered it to “kid size” and it looks super cute in the kiddie craft room/sunroom

vinyl5There you have it.  All of the craftiness that’s been going on around these parts the past couple of weeks!

Happy Friday!!!!


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