We like to take out walls

It’s just a thing we do

In about a week and half we are cutting a huge window out of the shared wall from our kitchen into our dining/living room.  We will also be switching the placement of our stove and fridge.

bye bye wall


The only unfortunate part of this story is that we will loose a large upper cabinet (pictured above)

Therefore, we are having to find a new home for everything that now lives in this cabinet.  Long story short, we needed a panty and on the cheap.

Our solution?(since my dad is 2000 miles away) :(………….

We put together two upper cabinets we purchased off the shelf at home depot and placed them just inside the sunroom

pantry1 pantry6

we added some legs……


and whala, insta-pantry!

and no, I have no idea why Callum is shirtless


You know I busted out the chalk board paint, duh


it will mainly house cans and other non-perishable items and I think it is cute as a button!


In unrelated news

this is what my kids do at dinner parties………….

pantry8 pantry7

Seriously, underwear on their heads?  This must be a “Squibb” trait 🙂

luckily, our guests were understanding. I, however, was a tad bit embarrassed,  especially when the first pair Hazel came out with on her head were mine!!!!!


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