Okay so maybe not quite, but close.

I happened upon a yard sale last weekend that was spectacular!

The family owns storage units and clears out the people who haven’t paid, twice a year.  Lucky me, one unit was all antiques!  The lady having the sale is also Hazel’s gymnastics instructor and I asked her not to sell anything until I arrived.  Haha, I was joking…..kind of.

I got there right when it opened and snatched up everything I had been drooling over/eyeballing from the street, the day before!  My grand total for all of this………

-huge utensils straight from the 60’s

-that little wood crate on the left


-the chippy blue table (the thing i wanted most!)


-chippy cream/gray shelf


-chippy chair

are you noticing a theme here??


All for $12!!!!!!!!

I added some reinforcement screws and cleaned the table and here she is in place

gsale6and here is the chair in place on the front porch


Not sure on where to put the shelf and large utensils yet.  I am sure inspiration will strike eventually 🙂

YAY for garage sale season!


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