Not in a bad way, it was just a busy month!

(sorry mom, I know you have been anxiously awaiting a new post!)

May got off to an exciting start.  The Theater where I have been teaching classes applied for and received a grant for Arts Education so they hired me on part time!  It is really a perfect work situation, but still a bit stressful working things out at first.  Callum had to start preschool two days a week at the YMCA, single tear :(.


I will quickly just highlight some of our May activities that I have been neglecting to blog about.

We started out the month with a May Day/may pole celebration out at the Aerie acres

mayhem1Callum started out helping but soon it was just Phillip wrapping the ribbon

mayhem2 mayhem3

Then I hosted a 31 party at the house and Hazel helped me prepare snacks, we made bacon wrapped water chestnuts with hommade BBQ sauce, sooooooo good and soooooo easy!


Then there was Mother’s Day and Phillip and the kids painted me the most perfect plate and a little ceramic dog and monkey.  🙂

mayhem6Phillip also made breakfast and we all had a lovely day together



I also helped create the craft for mom’s group this month

washer necklaces and bracelets, easy and so very cute

we spray painted the washers for some added color and then used ribbon for the necklace


The end result was super cute!  We may even sell them for a mom’s group fundraiser!


Actual Mayhem

Then I tried to have one five minute phone conversation, mid month, and this happened


He literally took every sheet off of every bed as well as every bed pillow and throw pillow from around the house and made a huge bed in the hallway.

Then Chris and Jess came and visited for a week!


They have three weeks off before their west coast missoula tour so they visited us!

of course we went to Crater Lake



Then we got a sitter and went to The Taste of Klamath, and it was wonderful

one ticket price for unlimited food and drinks from 18 food vendors with businesses in town, it was tons of fun.

mayhem27 mayhem28

Then we were off to The Lava Beds National Monument

mayhem11 mayhem12


We got some cute shots of the kids while the guys ventured as far as they could into the guts of this cave…….no thank you.  They even said they had a “close call” where they couldn’t remember their way out, briefly.  Awesome.

mayhem14 mayhem17mayhem25

Luckily we came back with the same people we went with.  🙂


THEN On Chris and Jess’s last night here our sewer line backed up again, so unfortunately this is becoming a normal site in front of our house……


Looks like we will be replacing our sewer line and consequently our front yard at some point this summer.  Yay for home ownership!!!!!

Project Completion

On a happier note, we finally got our counter put in right at the end of the month.

mayhem31 mayhem33

We are thrilled with the final look and feeling pretty lucky to have found such a talented local guy for the job! He combines like 10 different types of woods, it is so pretty.  And his prices are super reasonable, double win!!!

mayhem35He even made us some cute corner shelves, which we haven’t hung yet

mayhem34 mayhem36Yay for May!!!!!!  It has gone by way too fast.




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