I have to say, an hour and a half long road trip is much more scenic here in the pacific northwest

We went to Medford last weekend (home of the nearest Target)

We took the kids to the children’s museum, went to the farmers market, had some famous Kaleidoscope Pizza (which we have heard everyone raving about), and of course, went to Target. 🙂

The drive over the pass was lovely

Mt. McLoughlin


The museum was lots of fun

medford1although Hazel charged me $60 for this hamburger, I was not happy

medford3of course she found the rock climbing wall

medford2The fishing boat exhibit

medford7 medford6They spent about 30 minutes at this water table

medford8yeah, I busted a move

medford4the huge slide from the second to first floor

medford9mmmmmmmm, it was really good

medford10It was a pretty fun Saturday and it felt like a get away since we haven’t been out of kfalls much lately.   It was a nice little day trip.


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