Well you can’t say I didn’t warn you that there would be a lot of “Squibb visit” posts.

Last Sunday was another very event-filled day

We went to church in the morning then we were off to the homestead.

I have bogged about it before but just in case you missed it… The homestead is a property owned by Phillip’s employer.  There are lots of animals and fun things to see so we frequently take the kids and friends/family out to visit.

bigsday1The goats were a recent addition

bigsday4Patty made friends fast when she whipped out her snack bag

busysday8 I asked why the donkey was muzzled and the student replied “getting too fat”

I guess that’s one way of going on a diet! Hehehe.

bigsday2 bigsday3Kids in the coop

bigsday7 bigsday8Grant and “Bandit” really hit it off nicely

bigsday5I leave you with this one:

“Ada friend of all animals”






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