Alright, this will be the last installment of “the squibb’s visit”

Last Sunday we were told there was a race down in Veteran’s park.  Contestants completely make their “cars” from scratch and they have to go on land and water.  They also have to cross through a mud pit, so we went down to watch the mud pit part of the race.  My camera died but I snapped a few pics of the fun contraptions first.

“The cockroach”

squibbvis1 squibbvis3

We had a picnic while we were there.  Caleb and Hazel perched on a rock.

squibbvis2We spent a couple of evenings playing in the pool and on the water slide.  The kids had a blast and so as long as they were all happy WE were happy.

squibbvis4The kids loved the slip n slide, but they did require some help at times 🙂


squibbvis7 squibbvis6Action shot



Well there you have it.  A ten day visit in a nutshell!

We are definitely looking forward to our trip back to Illinois in a little over two weeks.  The kids (and I) really miss their cousins!




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