Dad has been in town for the month of July to watch the kids while I work youth theater camp full time.  Besides being a full time care taker we have managed to squeeze him in some major projects in his limited free time :).

-He installed a ceiling fan in the den and chandelier over the kitchen table

-He rehung the closet curtains in the kids room

-He helped us install two window AC units, ahhhhh sweet relief

-He fixed Phillip’s motorcycle

And the biggest project so far, tiling the mudroom

The floating floor in the mudroom was laid incorrectly.  There were lots of gaps with grossness in them that looked like this.

mudroom3Here is the mudroom the night we moved in, so pretty

mudroom2then two weeks ago before the work started

mudroom1Then the guys got to work


mudroom4laying the concrete board

mudroom5then figuring out the tile configuration

mudroom6We are slightly disappointed with our grout. “Haystack” which was supposed to be a tan color, turned out to have a purplish tint and didn’t look anything like the color  on the container

mudroom11Although it looked purple in the container we were hopeful it would dry differently…..we were wrong.

mudroom12nevertheless, its a great improvement

working hard into the night

mudroom10one more before




with the trimmudroom14Its still a mudroom so it was hard to get any “pretty” shots of the room, but the tile really brightens things up.  Thanks dad!

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