Whew!  What a month.  We spent the last month in Illinois visiting family and friends (in case you weren’t aware).

The month actually zipped by and now we are back in Klamath trying to figure out how to operate without constant entertainment and adjust to life as usual.

We dearly miss our family and friends but are extremely grateful for our time spent in Illinois.

Here are some of the highlights from the northerly half of our visit.

lots of racing down the driveway at Mooma and Boopa’s house

holiday2Lots of Lincoln Log Building

holiday5tree climbing

holiday4 holiday3We visited the John Deere Pavilion

holiday8 holiday7 holiday9Candy land adventure at the park

holiday10paddle boat rides with Boopa

holiday11hiking in the woods

holiday12Our last night at Mooma and Boopa’s house, we went to the park for the 100th time.

holiday13Then we headed to the south side to visit a few Chicagoland friends

The VanTil kids!

holiday14Great friends.

holiday16 holiday17Becky treated me to 99 cent iced coffee from Dunkin Donuteseveryday after 3pm.  She speaks my love language 🙂

We also got to see the Coffee family and Emily!


We met Emily at Portillos!


IMG_0469holiday19Oh what fun!

Our Salem visit will have to have a post by itself.  Stay tuned!


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