Warning:  this is a LOOOOONG one.

We spent almost two weeks in Salem so there is a lot to cover.


Hazel and Callum started nearly everyday in Salem playing with their cousins Caleb and Grant.  They really enjoyed one another’s company.  To say we miss them would be a severe understatement.


For starters, the kids went on nightly golf cart rides with Papa, unless they got in trouble….

salemsummer1We did a lot of swimming

salemsummer2We went to the St. Louis Zoo. LOVE.

What a fun, yet sweltering, day.  There was a three month old baby elephant!

salemsummer4She made this book and compared all of her drawings to the actual animals, precious.

salemsummer7These two….

salemsummer6total ham

salemsummer5on the train with Mema

salemsummer8they loved the sea lions

salemsummer9and of course the PENGUINS!!!

salemsummer10We visited Great Grandma Neirmann a couple of times

salemsummer11Phillip got to connect with his old pal Dinos

salemsummer12Several of Phillip’s cousin’s and their families made the trip in for a reunion of sorts.  It was great to see everyone!

Here are (most of) of the Squibb-Puricelli-Blair off-spring!

salemsummer18Finley and Hazel, exactly two months apart in age, love this one

salemsummer20It reminds me a lot of this picture from two and a half years ago……my how time flies.

But I digress.

salemsummer25My parents came down for the celebration and Dad, Timm and Mike dropped this dead oak.  It was quite the entertainment for the day.

salemsummer15 salemsummer17Dad took our Squibb family photo (another favorite of mine).

salemsummer14Last but not least I briefly got in a visit with my dear friend, Joy from college and her adorable kiddos.

salemsummer23Hazel and Alexis

salemsummer22I couldn’t resist, another oldie.  They grow up so stinkin fast!!!

salemsummer26I wish we could have made time to see everybody and I am so thankful for those who were willing to drive to come and see us!


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