We had heard this was a fun fair to go to, but we just didn’t get around to it last year.  This year we were determined.  Especially when we heard about “the greasy pig scramble” or as we like to call it, “the slippery pig catching contest”.  They divided kids up by ages and released them into a pen with 4 oiled up baby piggies.  Whatever child manages to catch one gets to keep it, raise it, and eventually make bacon out of it. Hehe,  hey, I am a realist.

Callum was eager to participate Hazel was wishy washy and in the end opted out, her reasoning “we don’t need two pigs.”  Haha. Callum gave it a valiant effort and was thoroughly disappointed when he left the ring pig-less but boy did he run his heart out trying to ensnare our Thanksgiving ham :).

Down-hearted as he was the rest of the fair festivities quicky cheered him up.  What a fun day!   And of course, the weather was beautiful as usual.

Walking into the holding cell, such a brave lad


And they’re off!

tulefair2Pony rides

tulefair3 tulefair4first kiddy roller coaster ride

tulefair5Their faces are my favorite

tulefair6family ferris wheel ride

tulefair7on top of the world!

tulefair10 tulefair8a fair with a view

tulefair12cotton candy

tulefair14 tulefair13a climbing ride with slides

tulefair15 tulefair16What a fun day!










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