I know. I know.

“We just want to see some pictures of the kids!!!”-my mom on the phone yesterday.

Life has just been so uneventful

I will share some of the whopping 29 picture-worthy moments  i have captured since September.   Brace yourselves…..

One evening the kids were playing together so nicely AND they both had on their Halloween costumes, so that was a double bonus for the picture.

recenthaps1 recenthaps2We went to Veggie Tales Live last weekend at the theater………the kids liked it.  🙂

Hazel put on all of her bike padding and climbed the little tree in the front yard the other day.

I missed the shot where she skidded all the way down the trunk on her belly and now looks like she got attacked by a rabid cat.

After a few tears she got right back up and kept climbing.

(Can  you see the eye in the tree trunk? Creepy)

recenthaps3 recenthaps5 recenthaps8

Ummmmmmmm, I got a new rug….for my early birthday present…sure that’s right

I really wanted to lighten the room and the former circular rug is still with us, just in another room


BTW Overstock.com is THE BEST PLACE to buy rugs, great selection, prices, free shipping and super fast.  I ALWAYS buy our rugs from them.  They didn’t even pay me for that free advertising. 🙂

Wow I am really struggling here.

Our upstairs bathroom still looks….well……like this


Not much happening there, microscopic baby steps at this point. The tile is here at least.

OH!  I painted the dining room chairs today.  We played musical rugs and this is the new to this location, dining room rug.   The red chairs didn’t match so this is what happened….BLUE.   I will try to get a better shot in the daytime….when the table is cleaner.


Phillip should know better than to leave me home alone with a paintbrush, just sayin…

AND that’s about it

Hazel is absolutely loving Kindergarten and her teacher.  Callum also really likes pre-k, so school is going good all around.

Phillip and I are going on a date tomorrow night to see Three Dog Night at the theater, nice perk of working there, free tickets!!!!  That should be fun.

I hope everyone has a nice safe weekend.  I sure hope to have some more blog-worthy material to share soon!


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