My birthday was last week and Phillip asked the kids what color flowers they wanted to get for me.  Hazel said “Pink” and Callum said “black”  so this is what I got.

Some tropical version of Little Shop of Horrors


Or as Phillip likes to joke “This is what you get when you plant flowers in a bird cemetery.”

BCH1In other news….

Phillip worked for Three days straight and built a deluxe chicken coop and now we have five chicken living in our backyard.


Our friends are moving away so we inherited the chickens from them.

I will say, getting fresh eggs is pretty fun.  We have had them for two days and have gotten six eggs so far.

BHC5Ada is not quite sure what to think of the petting zoo in the backyard

BHC6Halloween was last night and Hazel dressed as Princess Ariel


and Callum was Dragon Boy


BCH5We met this guy while out trick or treating, he seemed harmless

BCH8We capped the night off at a fun Halloween gathering at our dear friend’s house.  They live at trick or treating central

They filled this huge bucket three times while we were there and still ran out before 9pm.  They estimated around 700 trick or treaters

BCH9The kids really enjoyed their trick-or-treating fun and the weather was pretty mild so mom and dad had a good time too.









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