Tonight I did two things I have wanted to do for a while.

#1- have a craft booth at an event

#2- sell a play kitchen for a good cause.

Fortunately I was able to accomplished both!  A friend of mine planned an event to support the local food bank as well as The Hope Pregnancy center (they are trying to raise enough funds to buy an ultrasound machine). The event was called “Holiday shop till you drop.”

I reluctantly committed to a booth a little less than two weeks ago and didn’t know what to expect going into the day.  I brought some of my vintage “collectables” along with some repurposed furniture items, and some crafts I cranked out just for the event.  I would say it went very well, considering I sold most of my large items to other vendors before the event even began!


There was a line out the door at 3pm, the first 50 people got a goodie bag full of fun items from each vendor. I think there were over 15 vendors present.



sidenote: those boys handing out bags were two of  the most upstanding young gentlemen I have ever met.  They  joyfully helped without being asked and were always looking for ways to lend a hand.  They carried in ALL of my stuff.  And they played with the little kids (who of course all loved them).  Kudos to the parents.  What is the secret to raising perfect kids? 🙂

The best part of the day was having Hazel along with me.   She loved to help put tags on things and organize merchandise.  She quietly colored for much of the time.

She said she needed to get a picture of me with the booth, so this is what we got….


I know this picture is blurry but this was Hazel’s set up for the day:  Coloring materials, dutch bros hot chocolate, food, and her backpack full of all other necessities.

holidayshop5 What a fun day!  And guess what??? I got invited to another “small business Saturday” event in two weeks.  Pretty exciting stuff, although I am a little low on inventory…..


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