This bathroom project has lasted nearly three months, with many set-backs along the way.  However,  we are extremely THANKFUL it is 98% done.

We still need shelving above the toilet, some door trim, and to paint the window trim and sill, but I am going to go ahead and post pictures!


The whole purpose for the remodel was to take down the wall between the shower sink bathroom and the toilet sink bathroom.  (You couldn’t hardly sit on the toilet without hitting your head on the sink, haha)  Also the fake wood floors were chipping up and peeling, not the best choice for a bathroom….

Here is the room on the 2nd day of demo before the wall between the two rooms came out

usbath3here is a good shot of the toilet room, the wall to the left of the toilet is about to get obliterated. MUAHAHAHA!

usbath4After the wall has been taken out and plastered and the shower tile is in


Then the shower tile had to be torn out and redone so we got a shower shelf the second time around….. a little bit of a silver lining.

usbath1Here we are with the floor tile down, floor trim done and toilet back in.  Also the plumbing for the shower is ready to go!


And here we are today!



Glass shower doors and showerhead installed!

(Also, the weird gross sticky residue from the rubber trim they had glued to the tub came off with a razor blade and window cleaner.)


(notice the tag on my rug still? claaaaaasy)


The huge mirror above the vanity just went in this evening!


Breathing a huge sigh of relief that this project is nearly finished.

Now, what’s next? hehehe


I have to give a big shout out to Pinterest, where we gathered a lot of our inspiration….

bathroominspire1 bathroominspire2 bathroominspire3Final thought:  Completed renovations are really very insignificant among the many much more important things I am thankful for.   However, I am thankful nonetheless and wanted to share!


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