This is a bit late I realize but we have been busy here at the Squibb household.  We have had lots of visitors.  My mom came into town mid November and is staying till after Christmas.  Then Phillip’s parents flew in for Thanksgiving. THEN just this week my dad came into town and he will be here till the new year.  We love having visitors and of course extra hands and hugs for the kids.

Thanksgiving was much quieter this year (thank the LOrd) last year was the great poo- tastrify, when our sewer line backed up into the basement.  We were very happy to be able to be in our home with family, with good smells all around.

My mom made cute table decorations and turkey leaf name cards with the kids.


thankful4We are so thankful to have such wonderful family willing to fly 2000 miles to come and see us.  We have friends here who have yet to have visitors.   We are overwhelmed by the love our families have shown us by making the day long (often headache filled)  trip to the west.

We spent lots of time in Mema and Papa’s pool at the hotel


thankful7There was lots of candy-land playing and book reading, all of the things grandparents are really good at doing.



thankful2The visits are ALWAYS too short no matter if they are a few days or several weeks.

We are thankful for so much this Thanksgiving, but family most of all!


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