Christmas festivities Galore!

Horse and carriage rides at Callum’s preschool Christmas party

2013-12-19 00.40.39

2013-12-19 00.42.05

All of the Ulrey’s are in town and we are enjoying lots of family time together

Hazel with Boopa’s hat and glasses

2013-12-19 10.18.26

Callum and his bestie Vake, of course they saw Santa together at the preschool Christmas party

2013-12-19 01.21.18Callum had to start wearing a helmet while wrestling with uncle Doe Doe, he kept falling…

2013-12-23 08.44.06


Callum and uncle Doe

2013-12-19 00.47.48

Christmas Craft!

Callum received some Melissa and Doug trains last Christmas and they came in this cute wooden container

2013-12-23 01.28.31

I saved it for a year, planning to repurpose it

Yesterday I finally did!

A little Christmas printers box.

2013-12-23 22.22.18

And our Christmas/New Year cards will be out soon, Sorry for the delay!

Here is a little sneak peak of the family photos we had taken in November


Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope it’s filled with love and joy!


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