Random December/January

The chickens got out, can you spot the missing bird? (yes we have an old fire hydrant in our yard)

random1Boopa and “The Boy” share an affinity for pineapple

random2Rope swinging…a pure joy for 1/2 of my children

random3Just doing what any normal kids would do.  Sitting on the chicken coop roof (with their bunnies that are HUGE) waiting for dad to get home from work.

random4Oh Ada

random6Hair cut.  In case you are wondering why Callum has a rat tail, it’s because he specifically asks for one.  He loves it.   The last time I cut it off (using slightly questionable methods) he cried and asked “if I eat lots of vitamins, will my rat grow back OR if i put some medicine on it?”  After dealing with that temporary and needless heartbreak I decided “the boy can keep his rat tail”, although, I do try to discourage it whenever possible.

Phillip thought this was a genius way to trim around it.


Some new art- vintage flash cards from a neat shop in Ashland and the print is from an artist in Bend, Katie Daisy


It’s hard getting back to a normal routine after the holidays and two weeks off from work and school.

I love the Christmas season and really want to hold onto it a bit longer.  Maybe through January…


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