My computer died.  Yes, it was a sad turn of events.  No warning, just complete and utter darkness.  Since we are five hours from the nearest apple store, it may be a while before I have access to ALL of our pictures again…..Hence the lack of blogging recently.  Luckily my husband has graciously allowed me to blog from his computer for the time being.

You haven’t missed much so I hope no one has been too upset.  🙂

I did donate another play kitchen to the silent auction at the theater.  $75 for the arts, yay!


Then, this past weekend we took a little mini vacation to Sunriver Oregon, (just outside of Bend, OR).  Sunriver is literally a 1000 acre resort and it was beautiful.  The main winter attraction is the near bye skiing on Mt. Bachelor, but I am sad to say we didn’t ski.  We did however go to the indoor pool, ate a ton, hiked the trails, went to the nature museum and enjoyed our own private hot tub.  It was really nice to get away, there are so many beautiful places to visit in southern Oregon!

pool time!


even stairs can become a jungle gym


the science and nature museum

how far can you jump?






little scientists



Dino fight

sunriver14on our way to the lodge

sunriver3The huggable stuffed bear “Takoda” in the lobby


sunriver7Hazel showing us she can eat like a fancy lady at breakfast

sunriver5Callum trying to do the same….

sunriver6and a couple more….

sunriver8FAMILY SHOT

sunriver17I would also like to wish my mom a very happy birthday yesterday!!!!









2 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Thank you dear. I loved the update with all the pictures. A huge thank you to Phil for letting you use his computer. Love to all. Mom

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