Hazel joined my “Acting Up” class this past January and February.  I asked her to “help” because our class only had a few enrolled.  The class ended up being great for her.  All of the important reasons I give parents for exposing their kids to the arts early, (help little ones to develop confidence and trust, gain language understanding, learn to work as a team and of course, gain comfort with speaking publicly, just to name a FEW of the potentially life-long benefits), held true for Hazel.

I think we can all remember Hazel’s school concert back in December (she cried or scowled for most of it)  However, our Goldilocks and the Three Bears performance was quite different.  She played Goldilocks in front of an audience of strangers and was confident and even had nice projection (and of course great stage presence, I am not biased at all).

(she was supposed to be sleeping)



show1Trying out the three beds….”No way!”  “No how!”



***Tears*****(and a stage mom is born)………………….. I KID!

And then this cute little man turned four today!

Callum continually surpises us with his humor and personality.  This guy is funny, rambunctious, kind-hearted, sweet, silly and loving.  He is such a blessing each and every day.

show4Yep, four powdered donuts and four candles….and the raspberries, don’t forget the raspberries!

show6His anticipation/excited/surprised present opening face

show7We went to The Lego Movie

show9The highlight of the day, snack trays at the movie.  We were living the life on this very special of days…..we will eat better tomorrow, I promise.

show10We are taking a few of Callum’s closest posse over the mountain to the Science museum this weekend.  I am sure we will have lots more pictures to share after that.  Let the birthday festivities continue!

Thanks for all of the calls and texts!








One thought on “Goldilocks and a Birthday

  1. My heart is filled with love, joy and pride in seeing these pictures of Hazel and Callum. Bravo Hazel and Hap, Happy Birthday Callum. Love you. Mooma

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