I end this day feeling a strong sense of accomplishment.

This morning we loaded up 5 kids (all 6 and under) and headed over the mountain for a fun-filled afternoon, in honor of Callum’s 4th birthday.

we started the day with lunch at our favorite Kaleidoscope Pizza!



Vake and Callum, pals


We had cake ( which was excellent) and of course, we sang and blew out candles.

Our friends, The Walker family, met us for lunch with their two kiddos, Sam and Sabrina.


The we thanked our lucky stars we made it through lunch without major incident (one water spill and a minor elbow injury) and quickly loaded up and headed to the Science Works Museum in Ashland.

We tried to take a picture upon arrival but no one could agree on where to sit………..

(yes, Hazel is wearing a make-shift cape)


The kids had a blast in the bubble room

human bubbles






The boys didn’t realized the bubble had already popped…..


The new dinosaurs exhibit was pretty neat and very realistic, Callum was afraid to turn his back on the T-Rex for  a picture……….



hard at work



shadow making



dominos, they were not so much interested in the building but rather the destroying


concentrating on getting his paper cup to float up with the air stream

4bday13We ended the day with only one minor elbow injury to report and all kids returned safely to their families.  Victory!


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