I had a tiny bit of creative energy strike over the past few weeks.

Hazel and I made this Pinterest inspired pom pom garland a while back for the craft room, it’s totally cute and easy.  ( I realize its hard to see among all the mess beautiful display of artwork)


I finally hung the map project I finished over a year ago.  I bought a paper world map for $1 at a thrift store.  It was pretty flimsy paper so I decided to cut it up and frame it.  I found 18 black frames on sale for around $2 each.

I really dreaded hanging these so all 18 frames sat in a closet….. FOREVER

until last weekend, when I got brave.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment having finally finished this project.

( don’t mind the vacuum and the toys spilled all over the stairs)

crafty2 Then, I found a basket (on clearance) at Target.   I really like circular tables so I devised a plan of how to turn this cute basket into a table

crafty1I ordered a 12 inch round glass cut from a local store.  The glass fits perfect and it works great.


notice the creepy pony in the background

crafty5And there ends my creativity….

We are heading to Bend again this weekend to watch Phillip play in his first tennis tournament since college!!!  That’s right folks he is on the Klamath Falls USTA team.  It’s a pretty big deal.  I will surely have some great pictures to post after this weekend.


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