Again, I apologize for the loooooooong radio silence.

Remember how my last post we were headed to Bend for the weekend for Phillip’s tennis tournament and I said something like “expect lots of pictures when we return!”

Well, I took one picture and this was it. FAIL.


The kids playing in the jacuzzi tub in our hotel room.

Life has been quite busy since then.  The theater I work for brought in Phillip and my former employer, Missoula Children’s theater last week, and I was the coordinator for the week long camp.  I worked the LONGEST professional week of my life and am still exhausted.

But the show was great, so it was definitely worth the time spent.


We hoped Hazel would participate, since she is now MCT age, but she refused.


Our amazing neighbors took Callum along to the circus one night last week, while I was working like a maniac.  He even got to ride an elephant!


Now, this week is Spring break and we have activities going on nearly everyday.

We started the week off at a Frozen movie watching party.

We made Olaf snowmen out of marshmallows and snacked on them during the show.  How fun!


We went to the Medford Children’s museum at the beginning of the week.



Yesterday we went and saw “Mr.Peabody and Sherman”  it was quite cute.

But perhaps the biggest news of the week was the loss of Hazel’s first tooth!  It has literally been wiggling since October!  Her big tooth behind had surpassed the baby tooth in size so it was high time someone work up the courage and yank that sucker.  I am proud to say, that someone, was me.

update7In other news, I am helping a friend completely remodel her bedroom.  It has been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to post some before and after pictures!


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