Six days before the surgery.  (he got smeared on the concrete at school, hence the nose scab) 😦


right after the surgery-Day 1

He was really only in pain this first day after surgery


Day two-Callum developed some really red cheeks.  Initially, we were concerned  he was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic ointment.  The doctor was extremely helpful and asked that we monitor him closely.  It went away later that afternoon.  No idea what was causing the redness.  The redness in the corners is normal and if you look close you can even see the stitch!  IMG_0355Day 3- looking pretty aligned


Day 4- He always had to have his ice pack at the ready after his ointment drops.  And his breakfast fed to him….Oh my.


Day 4 and 5- We had some normal swelling (notice the right eye as compared to the left)

In the car on the way to our post op visit



Children’s museum visit for the good patientstrab11

Day 5- Still a little puffy, but feeling no pain at all.


The doc said everything looks great and his eyes are nicely aligned.  We have to patch the right eye an hour a day for the the next three months, since he has the tendency to favor that eye.  However one hour a day is nothing compared to the six hours we were patching before.

Here we are, one week from the literal minute we got home from surgery.  Amazing.

strab4another comparison.  Pretty incredible.  strab1

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