Callum finished his last day of 3-K on Thursday (meaning he has one more year of Pre-k, before moving up to kindergarten).  He had a park outing with his class and then a graduation/spring program in the evening.

Hanging his backpack one last time (this school year)!

endof3k2Park time!



After school I tried to lay him down for a nap, hoping he could rest before the big evening concert.  He was quiet for 45 minutes….I went downstairs to find that he was not sleeping, but in fact, hanging all of his stuffed animals by their tails, arms, and heads, from the underside of the bunk above him.  So much for catching some z’s


Onto the evening festivities….

Callum, unlike Hazel, seems to enjoy performing.  However, I think the content of the show was boring him.

internal monologue: “Who the heck choreographed this debacle? I’m with you kid.””

endof3k6He pepped up, a bit, for Dinosaur Pet.


And a little more for The Wheels on the Bus…an all time favorite of his


luckily he was awarded his 3-k completion certificate, shew 🙂


Then it was on to the after-party

Callum and Vake, thick as thieves these two.  I don’t know what Callum ever did before Vake was in his life.


Callum’s pre-school gf

although she is an older woman…it’s complicated


teacher love


endof3k13We had a fun year, but summer is definitely a welcomed change of pace.  More on Hazel’s end of the year activities to come!





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