I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to blog about!

Where to begin…. the month of June has been a blur.

We started the month golfing at the Arnold Palmer course at the running Y resort with some friends.

june1 june2

I was nervous as I have only golfed once before in my life and I remember being especially terrible.  Apparently no practice makes perfect, not to brag, but my long game was awesome. 🙂

Then the kids were in a friend’s music video, I will share when it is finished!

june6 june7 june5 june4

I participated in a fund raising event for the pregnancy hope center


Then onto Little Sprouts camp.  A week long performing arts camp I run through the theater for 5-10 year olds.  We had two camps and 43 kids total this year!  Crazy!



The day after camp ended I was off to Casey Battern’s wedding in Colorado.  We have been friends since elementary school.  She is such an incredible person and friend.  I am so happy for her and Mike.  It was a beautiful wedding and a ton of fun.


The DJ was great both young and old danced the night way,june31

Casey, Jamie and mejune30

My friend Anne, from Chicago who moved to Denver two years ago, was my date.  We had an absolute blast.  I also got to catch up with Jamie another HS friend.  june28

Parents and family of the bride and groom shared marriage advice during the ceremony.  It was so sweet.  june27

Then as my parents were traveling across the country (moving to Klamath after selling their house in Illinois) they picked me up in Colorado and I drove back with them.  We quickly grabbed the kids in Klamath then turned around and drove down to Sacramento to watch Dorian run at the USA track and field championships.  He made it into the finals and took 8th overall….8th in the nation, not too shabby for a guy who has been injured for the past two years.  We are so proud of him and grateful to have been able to attend!


It was HOT!june40

Name in lights!
june39on the inside track

I think this was from his prelim race.  june34


cheering sectionjune33

He needed some alone time to gather his thoughts.june32


My bro and me!

Yasmeen even drove down from Redding to watch Dorian race.  It is always such a treat to see my BFF for so many years.  I still can’t believe we moved across the country ended up so close to her.  june20Just chillin’ in the hotel lobby with uncle Doe Doe.


Pool time!



She is a stylish track fan.june14The kids giving Dorian a pre-race pep talk.

june11lunch with Smeen and family.

june10signage at a rest stop…..a little unnerving.

june23This is how we all feel after a CRAZY month…….



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