We are a family of four (plus our deaf dog Ada).  We just recently relocated to Klamath Falls (southern Oregon) from Chicago Illinois and are loving mountain living in a smaller town.  This blog helps us to stay connected with family and friends near and far.  We share our adventures, random stories, and occasionally our crafty DIY side.  Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “About The Squibb-blog

  1. Hi, I just came across a pic of your little girl’s scratch on her face from her tricycle accident. Anyway, my 3 year old daughter was scratched on the face by her one year old brother in May. It has now been 5 months. The scratch bled slightly at the time, then scabbed and seemed to quickly heal, but she still has a 1/2 inch red line down her cheek. I was just wondering what your experience with your little one’s scratch was. It seems gone in her pictures. My daughter’s injury looked similar and I have been told that it will continue to improve over the next 18 months. Thanks for any advice or tips on scratching. Do you remember how long your daughter’s mark took to fade and is it now a white scar or is the mark gone? Thanks so so much. I am so worried about my little girl.

  2. Every once and awhile I jump onto your blog. I swear you are the MOST Amazing, Creative person I almost know. Philip and I worked together at Hille Middle School.
    I see all your projects and I am amazed.
    Recently ,I was cleaning my 23 year old daughter’s room.She had a kidney bean shaped make-up table with a little chair. The table had white netting as a skirt. The netting was years old, so I tried to remove it ,only to find it was stapled on with LOTS of staples.I tried to get rid of it at a garage sale, no one was interested.It might need minor repair where all the staples were. I really don’t want it , and thought with some TLC maybe someone like you could put a new skirt on it, and it would be good as new.If you are interested just email me at kirkton4@sbcglobal.net. The price is FREE , if you are interested.


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