After a wonderful visit with my parents and brother here in Chicago, we all loaded up and headed out the day after Christmas.  My family went back to the Quad Cities as we traveled south to Salem.  Hazel always enjoys visiting Me Ma and Pa Pa, but especially their 3 dogs, Mo Mo, Chrissy and Sammy.  She tends to like them alot more than they like her.  Patty aka Me Ma, threw me a tea, in honor of baby boy Squibb who will be coming in March.  It was very nice and we received some much needed boy clothes!  Later that evening Aunt Kendra and Uncle Timm came over and we  all opened presents.  

Almost All of Phillip’s cousins were in town so on the 27th we had a get together with the rest of the Squibb side of the family.  Quite the baby boom right now with all of the cousins beginning families of their own and it is always a treat to watch all the kiddos play together.  

We have really enjoyed our Christmas visiting and look forward to the coming New Year and new addition!

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