We are back from our annual Squibb Family Vacation

It was wonderful family time, and more bittersweet this year since we are living so far away now.

Of course the weather was wonderful and the accommodations were great, but unfortunately sickness descended upon our family in a fierce way.   We spent almost three days of our trip laying low and nursing our babies and ourselves back to health.

I am posting these pictures primarily for my mom and dad who are eagerly anticipating pictures of their grand babies at the beach, so I apologize in advance for the media overload.

I will break them down into simple categories as best I can……

Fun at the beach

pv20 pv9 pv6 pv5 pv4 pv3 pv2


Fun at the pool

(face painting…some kind of butterfly flower)

pv23 pv24 pv25

pv14 pv7

Fun on the rocks


pv15 pv16

Nice dinner out at “Ah Caramba” (just before we all got sick…)

guacamole boy



star fruit

pv13Family shots



Fun night out on “the pirate ship”



pv19 pv18

pv30And there you have it.  The quick-ish picture recap of our 7 day trip, which will probably be remembered as “the sick trip” but a great time nevertheless.  We were glad to be back home, but our time in Mexico still went by fast.  Thanks Squibb family!  XOXOXOXO

We hope everyone is back to 100% soon!


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